Rent Wedding Gown In Lagos – Cheap Price In Nigeria

Want to Rent Wedding Gown In Lagos without spending much? We offer the cheapest bridal gown (dry cleaning service inclusive) in Lagos right now.


  • Rent Wedding Gown In Lagos.
  • Saves cost of purchase and cost on renting with deal price
  • Laundering and fitting available on deal
  • Available in UK sizes 8 – 12
  • Gown complete with Veil


The cost of organizing a wedding these days is enough to cause a couple to opt for a written argument signed with chicken ink. Save some cost by taking Today’s Deal and pay am amazing discount of N30000 instead of N70000 for Wedding Gown Rental from Nigeria Wedding Shop.


Complete with laundering and fitting to ensure that the gown does not overwhelm the one wearing it, Nigeria Wedding Shop provides a Wedding Gown befitting the occasion and the physical aesthetics of the bride.

Available in UK sizes 8 – 12, the gown comes complete with a veil to protect the brides eyes from the flashing lights of the paparazzi.

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